We help Small Businesses access High Quality Virtual Employees

Our Story

Since our formation in 2013, we have been pioneering virtual employees for SMEs. From managing virtual teams effectively to cultural integration and advising on the best tech applications, we not only supply small businesses with the top virtual talent, but we also help businesses to implement remote working systems.

AVirtual now works behind the scenes, powering over 500 different brands. From a single part-time customer support manager to full service virtual sales teams, we have the experience and deep expertise to help you move into the virtual space.

AVirtual is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Cape Town, South Africa with clients across the globe. Every day AVirtual raises the bar for outsourcing by offering industry-leading career development to our team.

Our Team

Richard Walton

“I am obsessed with delivering quality of service to our clients and spend much of my time talking to clients and the team about how we keep our position as the number one provider of virtual employees in the UK”

Originally from the UK Richard is a serial entrepreneur having established many industry leading businesses including the EU funded start-up school Corkcrew and multi award winning social enterprise GVI He sits on the board for the Entrepreneur Organizations Cape Town Chapter and is Chairman of the fastest growing EO accelerator program globally. Since 2015 he has been focused on making AVirtual the leading virtual employee company in the UK.

Lise Morgan
Operations Manager

“Working as part of a team who value flexibility and balance has been one of the best things to ever happen to me!”

My studies in Psychology and Coaching, along with work experience in both the UK and South Africa, has given me an advantage in understanding the team and client base we work with at AVirtual.
My work experience spans multiple industries such as Film and Content Marketing, I have managed teams, and been part of managing and implementing new processes.

Rebecca Marshall
Client Services Manager

“I am the person you speak with, to ensure sure you get the perfect employee and am on hand to answer any questions you have once you work with us”

I am originally from London where I worked for The Walt Disney Corporation. Previous to these corporate roles, my service skills were developed during roles as a gym instructor, security guard and the good old fashioned, “pulling pints behind the bar”; the BEST place to learn service with a smile.

Sarah Rade
Delegation Expert

“I really enjoy adding extra value to clients lives and businesses”

I have been working at AVirtual for 3 years and in that time we have found that while clients know they need an employee, some find it difficult to delegate. I am here to assist both the employee and client to make that process as smooth as possible to set up a great working relationship. Previous to my time at Avirtual I spent 12 years in London, working for some of the largest law firms.

Amanda Wallace
Accounts Management

“I am here to assist clients with their accounts in the most proficient manner possible”

I am a practical hands-on Financial Manager with a passion for numbers & an eye on the ball. My ability to remain focused in the most challenging environments combined with my attentive, people friendly manner is respected by those who work with me. I am methodical & process orientated as there are no short-cuts in accounting.

Shakeera Brey
People and Culture

“My time is spent recruiting and retaining the very best virtual employees, I am passionate about acquiring top talent for our clients.”

My education and work in the field of human resource management spans over 20 years, allowing me to gain valuable experience across various industries including retail, engineering and global risk management. Having a career, a husband plus 4 kids has fueled my interest in exploring and creating opportunities where one can work more flexibly and find balance in a meaningful way.

Chloe Smedy
Client Services Manager (Marketing Assistants)

“If you are looking for a high-quality virtual marketing employee or social media manager, I am the person you want to speak too”

I am born and raised South African, though I have travelled overseas a lot. I popped over for a short visit to the UK, where I hired a motorcycle and navigated my way around by myself for two days of my visit. I have also lived in the US, for 6 months at a time, where I was afforded the time to entertain my adventurous self. Prior to my current role I have worked as a VA, and also in Immigration, Payroll, HR and various other administrative roles. My client service skills were developed within all of these roles, over time, to be geared toward ‘service with a smile’ and I pride myself on a professional approach at all times. I have been with AVirtual since 2016, and in my current role for the past 2.5 years.

Carrie Hickman
Website Project Manager

“I am the magical person who supports all of our amazing team that allows them to focus on the important things without worrying about the little things.”

I have been in the working world since I was a teenager and have moved through varying roles until I found AVirtual. I have a wide range of experiences from digital media to accounting and most things in-between. I love learning, staying on top of remote working trends and tech and sharing that knowledge with the wonderful team here at AVirtual.

Henry Walton
Sales & Client Services Director (Digital Marketing)

Henry designs and builds websites. Having run startups in London and been involved in various creative projects throughout his life for leading magazines including a variety of Conde Nast publications, Henry knows how to understand clients’ needs, and to foresee what they want and how to give it to them.

Our Employees

We have too many amazing employees to list here but they are the ones that have made us who we are today. We are extremely lucky to call Cape Town our home, not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it attracts people from all walks of life. The AVirtual team is made up of fully vetted, trusted, multi-talented individuals from all over the world. We have German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French speaking personal employees as well as our core English speaking team. Many have worked for companies like Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in the UK and bring not only a passion for excellence but global knowledge and experience.

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