Back-Office Support

Outsource data entry, digitization, and administration to a remote
employee and save up to 55% on your payroll costs

  • Our team have worked for amazing companies like Savills, Goldman Sachs and the Berkeley Group
  • We have years of experience in helping businesses build back office teams
  • No long-term contracts, no Recruiter costs, no HR Issues, no National Insurance
  • 30 day money-back guarantee and instant cancellation

Stay on Top of The Tasks That Keep Your Company Moving Forward

Growth requires moving the needle on dozens of small, thankless tasks. Often more routine, less glamorous projects like data entry and updating product descriptions for e-commerce platforms get pushed to the back of the task list. Instead, outsource these recurring tasks to our team of virtual assistants. Enjoy quality back-office support that moves you closer to your goals, while letting your employees do the specialised work you hired them for.


Case Studies

Our clients use back-office support to:

  • Label product images for E-Commerce Platforms
  • Approve profile pictures for a Social
    Media App
  • Verify references and criminal background checks for a Global Recruitment Company
  • Photo editing for a fast-growing Educational Travel Company
  • Create product descriptions for a Small Retail Business’s ecommerce platform
  • Provide Remote Office Management for a small team of management consultants

We Do It All

Our team handle operational critical tasks for some of the fastest-growing companies around the globe:

Data Mining
  • Put data to work for your business
  • Get data-driven insights about your customers, team, and product
  • Access high-quality, accurate reporting, metrics, and analytics
Data Entry
  • Efficient data transfer, digitization, and database management
  • Upload, organize, transfer, and secure important business data
  • Speed up project timelines
  • Product descriptions
  • Image sourcing, marketing content (social, blogs etc), pricing management, supply chain / merchandising admin (chasing up suppliers, stock checks, new product lines)
Remote Office Management
  • Remote virtual assistance for small teams, calendar management, email management etc
  • Manage the physical and virtual office spaces: cleaning, maintenance, supplies budget, facilities management, google calendar
  • Minutes, action points and task management
  • Scheduling and coordinating important meetings
  • Improving and creating processes for remote working
  • Helping new team members integrate and coordinate human resources details
  • Organizing company online events
  • Purchasing software and equipment that team members might need

“I knew that I would save money, around 48% per month but what surprised me was how productive my remote employee was. Within a month they were fully integrated into my team and beating my in-house teams’ on productivity. The benefits for me have gone far beyond the reduction in monthly payroll.”


CEO of Soleberry Advisory

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