The AVirtual team is made up of fully vetted, trusted, multi-talented individuals from all over the world. We have German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French speaking personal assistants as well as our core English speaking team. Many have worked for companies like KPMG, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and Accenture and bring not only a passion for excellence but global knowledge and experience. Your PA is backed up by a buddy ensuring you get full support throughout the year while also giving you access to extra resources should you need.

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Below are just a few of our team members, to find your perfect assistant just give us a call.

Leigh McLaren-Brierley

“I love what I do because I believe that I make a real difference to my client’s productivity and life.”

  • Based in Cape Town.
  • Previous Experience: Business Manager at Thompsons Travel.
  • Educated at Technikon Natal, Durban.
  • Special interests: HR, recruitment, travel planning.
  • Fluent English speaker.

Angela Williamson

“I love what I do because I get involved in all aspects of my clients business.”

  • Based in Cape Town.
  • Previous Experience: Senior Executive Assistant at Deutsche Bank AG.
  • Educated at Technikon Natal, Durban.
  • Special interests: Media, Health and Fitness, Events Coordination.
  • Fluent English speaker.

Monique Mancilla

“I love what I do because I love the team here at AVirtual and how we all support each other to provide real value for our clients.”

  • Based in Cape Town.
  • BA University of Santa Barbara, California.
  • Book-keeping, social media experience.
  • Fluent English and Spanish speaker.

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International experience

Most of the AVirtual team have spent several years in the US, UK and Europe before returning to their native South Africa.


Just 1 or 2 hours time difference.

In the UK summer it’s 1 hour, in winter Cape Town is 2 hours ahead of the UK. 

Robust infrastructure

Fibre optic connectivity, world-class data centres, robust transport – all contribute to a reliable quality of service.

English first language

Our team all have perfect English language, some with a touch of (rather charming!) South African accent.


“I always thought that a PA would need a lot of management, but AVirtual’s clear communication, efficiency and ability to anticipate and adapt has convinced me that it’s a must for anyone who is time-poor and needs a fast but sustainable solution.”

Hayley Elias

Head of Education Partnerships, Bridge U

First we select only the very best. Then we train them in the “AVirtual Way”.


  • 200 applications for each Executive Assistant employed.
  • Background screening.
  • Skills testing.
  • Technology skills.
  • Organisational capability.


  • Intensive onboarding before joining the active PA team.
  • Trained to do things the “AVirtual Way”.
  • Subject-area experts train each member of the team in their area of expertise. E.g. Travel, Diary management, Research, Social Media.

International best in class, for a fraction of the cost.

Cost of a full time Executive Assistant in the UK:

Cost per hour: £22.14
  • UK average PA salary cost: £24, 371
  • Employer National Insurance Contributions: £2,333
  • Average UK office rental cost per person: £4,638
  • Software licences, Consumables etc: £1,300

Total: £33,002

  • Working days per year: 261
  • Leave, public holidays and sick days: -40

Total working days per year: 221

  • Productive hours per day: 6.75
  • Working hours per year: 1,490

Cost of an Executive Assistant at AVirtual:

Cost per hour: £11.43
  • Full time Executive Assistant
  • 160 hours per month: £1,829

p.s. You also avoid all of the hassle of recruitment, HR management, performance management etc.

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A perfect fit between you and your PA.

1. Describe your perfect assistant

Each of us has unique requirements and ways of working. We match those to the right member of our team.

2. Meet and approve your PA

Your PA will introduces herself and her buddy, providing information about her experience and specialist skills.

3. Ever greater successes.

Your offsite PA is integrated into your working life and frees you up to focus on those things where you add most value.