Ongoing Support

We help you grow your business to where you want it to be

Client Acquisition

Growth and Scale Up Partners receive a ‘Bonus Client’ upon completion of their training, this bonus client will earn you £3900 per annum on a growth package and £7800 per annum on a Scale Up Package. You will also receive the following support to help you scale up your business.

  • Free website (Scale Up Partners)
  • Guidance and advice from our in-house digital marketing team.
    We assist you with developing your

    • Online brand
    • Client referral campaigns
    • Social Media
    • Website optimization
    • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Partners can also receive other additional work from our head office which can include additional clients, ad hoc work and specialist work to match your individual skill sets
Guaranteed Income

On top of your bonus client, new partners can expect to earn between 15,000GBP and 30,000GBP in their first year. Additional and higher growth opportunities can be easily obtained through the implementation of our marketing and sales channels

You can also earn additional “referral” revenue by:

  • Introducing new partners
  • Referring digital marketing requests to our in-house digital marketing agency PrimePixels (website builds, SEO, social media etc)
  • Referring bookkeeping requests to our in-house bookkeeping team Finance Studio.
  • Implementing the AVirtual Scale up plan –see below for more information
Technology that helps your business grow

We have trained over 150 virtual PAs, on-boarded over 400 clients and in the process, have built world-class processes and systems designed to help you manage your clients simply and effectively. From task management systems, to collaboration PODS, security apps, IT support and continuous online support you have a whole team at your disposal to help you grow your business.

Cover Plan

Need a holiday? Maternity/Paternity leave? We have got you covered. AVirtual will manage your clients and pay you a 10% royalty.

Scale Up

You only have so many hours in the day you want to work, maybe it’s 3 a day or maybe you want to work full time, whatever it is your time is limited. However, with the AVirtual scale up plan you can continue to onboard new clients and have the work done by our in-house team of PAs so the world is your oyster when it comes to how big you want your business to grow. For any client work you send us we pay you a royalty fee of 15%.

Sales and Marketing

Your business is ready to go and all that’s left now is to make sure the world knows about it. Here at AVirtual we are well aware that marketing can be a tricky business. This is why we will provide you with help and guidance directly from our in-house marketing experts. Our sister company is PrimePixels, a full service digital marketing agency that have been with us since day one. The PrimePixels team will make sure that your business receives the publicity it deserves! Whether it’s social media, PR, SEO or anything else you might be struggling with, the team’s in-depth knowledge and experience will be at your disposal.

As a partner you will also be able to make use of advanced digital marketing tools and software. Don’t worry! There will always be a member of the PrimePixels team ready to guide you, until you become an expert!

Lianne Roma Le Roux

“Working with AVirtual has done wonders for my confidence and I am a much happier person in general! Awesome clients and awesome support team!”