Permanent Staffing

Making recruitment cost effective and safe

Looking to recruit a remote employee permanently?

Why not try before you buy!! Hire a remote employee through us and then take the option to recruit them permanently after 3 or 6 months for only £1995/ £1395 GBP and save even more.

Like many of our clients you may well find that after a few months of working with your remote employee that you love the process so much and feel so comfortable with your new team member that you want to make your remote employee a permanent member of your team.

With AVirtual we offer an easy and cost-effective way
to hire permanent remote staff including

  • Flat rate recruitment fee
  • 3-month replacement guarantee
  • Remote Employee Security Plan
  • Try before you buy options
  • Up to 9 months employee satisfaction protection

Remote Employee
Security Plan

  • IT support
  • Payroll and employee tax management
  • Employee Retention Program


One off recruitment fee £2995

Try before you buy!

£1995 after 3 months of working with an employee remotely
£1395 after 6 months of working with an employee remotely

For added security and peace of mind take out our Remote Employee Security Plan for only £135 a month.