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I've been working with Jenny and the whole experience has been a productive and helpful partnership. She's operated like a co-owner on the projects, and shown initiative. Her ... [...]

Conor Heffernan Avatar
Conor Heffernan
1 month ago

After having to ask to change VA to get one that was good enough, the company responded brilliantly. Their customer service was excellent. They then gave me three to choose fr... [...]

Seán Brickell Avatar
Seán Brickell
1 month ago

Just wanted to say that I'm working with Savannah at AVirtual and she's amazing! She's always polite and helpful and extremely easy to work with. She's made a huge impact on t... [...]

Nicholas Wallwork Avatar
Nicholas Wallwork
1 month ago

Superb service. Alex our VA is the very best we could have wished for; approachable, exceptionally polite, reliable and thorough. I have for the first time in a long time felt... [...]

Karen Roberts Avatar
Karen Roberts
1 month ago

Karen has been amazing. Going the extra mile and adding significant value from Day 1. Our business is not an easy one to grasp, but Karen has seamlessly integrated into the te... [...]

Andrew Bahlmann Avatar
Andrew Bahlmann
1 month ago

Hired a VA but had to keep checking what she done as attention to detail was poor and was paying someone who was making life more difficult not easier and not logging hours.


Kevin Whiting Avatar
Kevin Whiting
2 months ago

Hired a VA but had to keep checking what she done as attention to detail was poor and was paying someone who was making life more difficult not easier.

Kevin Whiting Avatar
Kevin Whiting
2 months ago

My assistant Pam has helped me progresss projects and save a lot of time in the process. Simple to set up, easy communication and great results. Thanks!

Chris Parish Avatar
Chris Parish
3 months ago

I've been with AVirtual for a month now and it has already proven to be a great choice. Melani is friendly, efficient and proactive, allowing me to focus on building the busin... [...]

David Stone Avatar
David Stone
3 months ago

Great service from Stacey in particular. Love working with her and recommend to anyone thinking of using this service. It's really helped me!

David Goldberg Avatar
David Goldberg
3 months ago

Well, I had to work with a certain Bronwynn for quite a while, who has never been the brightest candle on the cake. That I would have noticed. I always had to explain everythi... [...]

David Wyss-Baumann Avatar
David Wyss-Baumann
4 months ago

I've been working with Fiona Michaels for a couple of months now and I'm very pleased. She's professional, skilful and courteous. I appreciate her help very much.

Peter Whiting Avatar
Peter Whiting
7 months ago

Angela is wonderful to work with and I could not be happier with our arrangement. She has learned many of our organization's platforms, allowing her to be of great help to me.... [...]

Kat Rodriguez Avatar
Kat Rodriguez
7 months ago

Really amazing and flexible services. All assistants know what their role is. Its been a great experience working with Avirtual, specially Kiara (Y)

Lavanya manocha Avatar
Lavanya manocha
8 months ago

Have worked with AVirtual for a while now, so far I can only have great things to say! Such a great help. Thank you Pam!

Remon Geyser Avatar
Remon Geyser
8 months ago

I am working with Riska from AVirtual. So far it has been a really good experience and she really adds value to our marketing efforts. Thank you

IBN Solutions Avatar
IBN Solutions
8 months ago

The team at AVirtual have been fantastic to deal with, I'm really impressed with their efficiently, the dedicated approach to taking care of their clients and in particular Ki... [...]

Emma Ponsonby Avatar
Emma Ponsonby
8 months ago

Simone is excellent - I've had many assistants over the years and Simone is the best so far. Very competent and takes the initiative. Easily able to assist across many parts... [...]

Stephen McCann Avatar
Stephen McCann
11 months ago

Great professional and friendly service - Holly Young has made a huge difference to our work life and given us the space to focus on other areas of our business. I would highl... [...]

Caspar Leopard Avatar
Caspar Leopard
11 months ago

A great service. Richelle has been a wonderful addition to the team, prompt and courteous at all times. Deadlines met and work carried out accurately.

Sam Watson Avatar
Sam Watson
11 months ago

I highly recommend Charlotte at AV. She is exceptional! Creative and talented. Always ready to help, ready to improvise and brainstorm with me. Her writing skills are excellen... [...]

Isabella Ivory Avatar
Isabella Ivory
11 months ago

Couldn't speak more highly of Tracy who has now supported us for 10 months. She is efficient, proactive and thoughtful, takes ownership and is an absolute pleasure to work wit... [...]

Liberty V Avatar
Liberty V
11 months ago

Zeenat and her team are working with us on our social media. It is our first month going into our second and we are very pleased with the progress and professionalism so far.... [...]

Leigh Blackwell Avatar
Leigh Blackwell
11 months ago

Sarah Millward is an excellent virtual assistant and is now part of our team at Yellow Door. She is quick to reply, gets the job done and does it with a positive, can-do attit... [...]

Dominique Sandwith Avatar
Dominique Sandwith
11 months ago

I utilized AVirtual for my remote administration requirements whilst working in Africa. I found the service and my virtual PA Amber a pleasure to work with and they assisted g... [...]

Dominic Fielding Avatar
Dominic Fielding
1 year ago

We have worked with Monya from AVirtual for some time now and it has been a great experience. Monya is knowledgable, efficient, friendly and very easy to deal with. We have fo... [...]

Mark Stephens Avatar
Mark Stephens
1 year ago

Working with Richelle at AVirtual for nearly 2 years. They are pro and flexible! highly recommended!

Youri Sawerschel Avatar
Youri Sawerschel
1 year ago

AVirtual, specifically Paula, really helped us turn our startup from a dream into a business. We'd never have been able to run with so many product lines and engage with so m... [...]

Tsepo Montsi Avatar
Tsepo Montsi
1 year ago

I have found Avirtual and Wendy Crowster very helpful. The service is great I need to take more advantage of it.

Shane Fleming Avatar
Shane Fleming
1 year ago

This is a fantastic service. Amber was brilliant and efficient! Also had insightful ways of streamlining workflows to make how we work together even better. This is a cost eff... [...]

npdutoit Avatar
1 year ago

My VA Pam Smith has made it possible for me to put all my attention on content creation (which I love) while she takes care of optimising every single piece (which I don't lik... [...]

Elizabeth Morris Avatar
Elizabeth Morris
1 year ago

Working with A Virtual has been a hugely positive move for our growing business. A virtual made the process simple with little work from our end and no recruitment fees to pay... [...]

Tom Butterworth Avatar
Tom Butterworth
1 year ago

AVirtual are an excellent company whose staff offer a very friendly and professional service. They are very reliable, trustworthy and conscientious. I can't fault them. Highl... [...]

Adrian Bradshaw Avatar
Adrian Bradshaw
1 year ago

The AVirtual team have been fantastic and really listened to our needs, not only by matching us up with someone that was capable of doing a great job but also someone that was... [...]

Justin Lester Avatar
Justin Lester
1 year ago

I highly, highly recommend AVirtual. Their service is amazing, their staff helpful and professional and they are practical and easy to deal with. I'd give six stars if I could... [...]

Philipp Hartmann Avatar
Philipp Hartmann
1 year ago

I’ve found AVirtual to be a hugely useful service over the last few years. I find it easy to delegate tasks despite the remote nature of the arrangement. They have a great att... [...]

Alex Amies Avatar
Alex Amies
1 year ago

Excellent service. I recommend them.

Janet Scott Avatar
Janet Scott
1 year ago

Very helpful took my stress away, allowed me to do my job and expand my business . Very recommended

Adrian Creeper Avatar
Adrian Creeper
1 year ago

Riska and the team help me concentrate on running my business by taking on essential tasks like expenses, travel arrangements, documentation and the like. The money spent can ... [...]

Spencer Collins Avatar
Spencer Collins
1 year ago

Great experience, virtual assistants can be tricky to manage effectively, our experience with Karin and AVirtual was top notch. Can happily endorse. 😉

Daniel Burns Avatar
Daniel Burns
1 year ago

The best Virtual assistant firm, period. Great people who are amazing to work with. Helped my business grow while building a solid relationship. If you are looking for a VA... [...]

Derek Notman Avatar
Derek Notman
1 year ago

Liesel, at AVirtual, is the epitome of hardwork and execution. She has been an incredible asset in helping me get things done. She has strong communication skills, and has alw... [...]

Sarah-Anne Alman Avatar
Sarah-Anne Alman
1 year ago

Very helpful, flexible, and excellent quality of work on a variety of tasks. Willing to learn new tools to enable particular kinds of work. Much appreciated!

Lucy Blythe Avatar
Lucy Blythe
1 year ago

Riska Kooiker is a brilliant asset to our team. I would definitely recommend.

Mary-Anne Da'Marzo Avatar
Mary-Anne Da'Marzo
1 year ago

Great support - My VA has enabled me to completely shift my focus from working in my business to working on my business. Lise handles all administrative tasks, so I can focus ... [...]

Simon Crowe Avatar
Simon Crowe
1 year ago

Great Service so far - really useful, intelligent & chattyHighly Recommend 🙂

Lewis Francis Avatar
Lewis Francis
1 year ago

My assistant, Roxanne, is indispensable and a joy to work with. She helps me work quickly and efficiently, I accomplish more knowing that she is taking care of many of the imp... [...]

Jenny Molloy Avatar
Jenny Molloy
1 year ago

AV have been consistently good for years. I am always surprised how quickly they can find me support and how quickly they can make a change in personel if I ever need it. A ve... [...]

Adam Goff Avatar
Adam Goff
1 year ago

I'm very pleased with the quality of service from AVirtual. I have absolute confidence that tasks will be acted upon quickly and competently. Highly recommended.

David Eilbeck Avatar
David Eilbeck
1 year ago

Brilliant concept and fills a gap for me that was very needed as a business owner. Really great quality people and speedy assistance. Love it!

Helene Smuts Avatar
Helene Smuts
1 year ago

I have used Avirtual for my business for a number of years and have been extremely impressed with them. I could not manage without them - Wendy Crowster manages all my bookkee... [...]

Caroline South Avatar
Caroline South
1 year ago

My PA/Ops assistant was supplied by AVirtual. She has been excellent and the whole virtual PA thing has worked beautifully.

Arthur Wellesley Avatar
Arthur Wellesley
1 year ago

Excellent company providing high quality but affordable remote-PA support - recommended

James Hutchinson Avatar
James Hutchinson
1 year ago

I absolutely love working with Paula. She grasped everything so quickly and is always so professional and efficient. She has helped me be better at what I do and I can't thank... [...]

Wendy Morris Avatar
Wendy Morris
1 year ago

Roxanne is amazing - she is professional, efficient and meticulous - her time management is excellent!

Yolanda Everton Avatar
Yolanda Everton
1 year ago

Natasha Bath is a wonderful VA glad to have her on my team. 😊

Colleen-Joy Avatar
1 year ago

Such a great service, my virtual PA gets 5 stars from me. They are responsive, have a broad range of skills and able to learn in order to complete unfamiliar tasks, which is w... [...]

Olaoluwa Karunwi Avatar
Olaoluwa Karunwi
1 year ago

Avirtual have been such a support. My PA - Wendy is fantastic, I could not manage without her. Thankyou.

Marcus Nisbet Avatar
Marcus Nisbet
1 year ago

Paula has been a tremendous help and has really made a big difference. She is organized, efficient and a great assistant. It's been a pleasure working with her.

Lize-Marie Vermeulen Avatar
Lize-Marie Vermeulen
1 year ago

I was skeptical at first, but AVirtual (specifically Monya) has been amazing! She is just as hard working as I am, never late on deadlines and could fit into they way I work -... [...]

Remon Geyser Avatar
Remon Geyser
1 year ago

I was looking for a VA to help me with my new business. As someone who doesn't have a lot of experience I needed help with putting systems in place. Natasha was absolutely bri... [...]

Yaron Engler Avatar
Yaron Engler
1 year ago

Angela has been a pleasure to work with and I could not be happier with the work she delivers. The tasks I have asked her to perform involve a platform she is new to and can b... [...]

Kat Rodriguez Avatar
Kat Rodriguez
1 year ago

Really professional and helpful service. My VA has helped me to offload routine tasks extensively. This means I can focus on my other work whilst avoiding many of the challeng... [...]

Alex Amies Avatar
Alex Amies
1 year ago

Amazingly dedicated and hard working virtual assistant agency. I have been working with them since May 2017. They are super fast to provide me with well trained people from So... [...]

S. Chappuzeau Avatar
S. Chappuzeau
1 year ago

I cannot recommend Avirtual enough! My virtual Pa, Robyn, is amazing. I started off with a 15-hour plan, just to test it out, and ended up extending it to 50. I have establish... [...]

Irini Sala Avatar
Irini Sala
3 years ago

I run a small property company and have really struggled with my in house PAs leaving after 9 to 12 months. I love how AVirtual provide a buddy system so even if my PA is off ... [...]

littlepete Avatar
3 years ago

Working for AVirtual has been such an incredible experience - the caliber of employees, the diversity of our clients businesses and requirements, and the world class service t... [...]

Kate Baldwin Avatar
Kate Baldwin
3 years ago

I have been with AVirtual for 2 years now and recommend them to everyone I know. My virtual PA Sarah is a total rockstar, not only has she helped me with my business but also ... [...]

john jones Avatar
john jones
3 years ago

Amazing service, highly recommended, best virtual assistant service out there!

Simon Motson Avatar
Simon Motson
3 years ago

I have been consistently amazed at the fantastic service offered by my Virtual PA at AVirtual. She has revolutionised the way I work and provided me with the much needed time ... [...]

Andy WB Avatar
Andy WB
3 years ago

AVirtual are fantastic. I love the fact that my virtual pa has access to a whole team of people under one roof so I can get anything I ant done just like that

Josephine Walton Avatar
Josephine Walton
3 years ago

I have been working with an AVirtual PA for over a year and it's dramatically improved my productivity as a freelance writer. My PA is professional, highly skilled and a pleas... [...]

Millie Walton Avatar
Millie Walton
3 years ago

Amazing service. Saved me so much time and many headaches

Henry Walton Avatar
Henry Walton
3 years ago

I'd always been nervous about outsourcing work virtually, but the AVirtual PA team's assistance and support has been invaluable, not only allowing me to increase my productivi... [...]

Neil Finnie Avatar
Neil Finnie
3 years ago

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