Find your centre with virtual assistants for yoga teachers

From managing your calendar and email inbox to powering through your accounting tasks, virtual assistants for yoga teachers give you the most valuable gift of all – time. Time to focus on building and maintaining your dream business. Time to make a success from your passion and time to live the life you choose.

Whether you freelance at a variety of yoga studios, teach one-on-one classes in the privacy of your clients’ homes or run group sessions in the park, your virtual assistant brings the expertise, knowledge and skill for making your life easier.

What makes virtual assistants for yoga teachers different?

While it’s certainly not a requirement that your virtual assistant be able to touch their toes, or stand on their head, it is vital that they understand the special demands of your business and lifestyle.

Are you, like so many others, partial to procrastination? While this is certainly a common human characteristic, it can spell ruin for a small business. Stay on top of the tasks you simply can’t bring yourself to do by delegating them to your virtual assistant.

Similarly, your virtual assistant’s strengths will complement your weaknesses – not a fan of book keeping or answering social media enquiries? Trust that your virtual assistant is on hand to pick up the slack with ease and attention to detail.

Flexibility is key

All yoga teachers understand the importance of flexibility! Flexibility in business is just as important.

Virtual assistants for yoga teachers understand this and pride themselves on being available when their clients need them. Based in sunny Cape Town, South Africa, with only a one-hour time zone difference in summer and two in winter, your virtual assistant works UK business hours.

And while yoga teachers will only liaise and build a productive working relationship with their own dedicated virtual assistant as a point of contact, their assistant has the backing, expertise and knowledge of an entire team to support them in any endeavour.

Structured into pods, virtual assistants at AVirtual have the guidance of an executive assistant and colleagues who are willing and able to jump in with urgent or difficult tasks to deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.

Team work and a willingness to help each other are core values of AVirtual’s company culture.

Would you like to find out more about how we go the extra mile for our clients?

Marketing expertise for your business

With access to a dedicated team, virtual assistants for yoga teachers can even take over the marketing of your small business. Data capturing is not the most thrilling way to spend your precious time, and yet capturing potential clients’ details is vital in growing your business. Delegate this to your virtual assistant, along with other marketing tasks such as implementing referral schemes, managing your growing social media community, and writing newsletters.

Let your virtual assistant help you build your brand. Clear pesky and time-consuming tasks from your plate and you’ll be left with more time to concentrate on delivering excellent yoga instruction to your clients.

More money in your pocket

Why pay full price for a personal assistant based in the UK when a virtual assistant can run all your affairs online, to the highest work level, for 50% less than the industry standard? AVirtual is so confident of our service standards that we’ll give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Seems like an easy choice, right?

Still sceptical of the benefits of a virtual assistant over a personal assistant? Find out more about how a virtual assistant works.

You may ask yourself just how we’re able to give you such a great value…

Communication first

Free and paid tools make managing all client communications online a breeze. Speak to your virtual assistant on the phone or “face-to-face” on Skype and you’ll easily build a rapport with them. They are simply a phone call or email away!

What’s more, because it’s vital that there are no delays or glitches to AVirtual functioning seamlessly in an online space, you have access to the expert and professional-level software and technologies that we use to ensure our clients’ tasks are performed to the highest level without delays. These extend to book keeping and accounting tasks.

Time is on your side

Based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, AVirtual office hours are the same as those in the UK. Not only that, but you can be confident that our virtual assistants for yoga teachers are not working odd hours, late into the night or early morning. That’s because there is never more than a two-hour time zone difference (and that’s during the UK winter’s daylight savings time). In summer the difference is only one hour, ensuring your virtual assistant is alert and refreshed at all times.

Would you like to know more about how outsourcing virtual assistants for yoga teachers can make your life that much easier? Request more info by clicking the button below, and together we’ll begin the journey towards a more balanced and productive business.



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