How We Can Make Your Life Easier

Personal tasks

Travel Research & Scheduling

Calendar Management

Finding and Booking Personal Trainer Sessions

Handling Credit Card and Bank Statements

Managing Loyalty Cards

Business Admin

Document Formatting

Powerpoint Presentation Preparation

Filing (remotely)

Email Correspondence (on your behalf)

Transcription of Minutes, Video & Audio Files

Family Tasks

Shared Accounts With Your Family

Researching and Planning Family Holidays

Finding Video Editors to Create a Film Using Family iPhone Clips

Restaurants Bookings

Finding a Babysitter

We show you how to be more efficient

Deep expertise

Combined, our team has centuries of experience helping successful people manage their lives.

We set everything up

If you would like us to, we will set up calendars, call handing, email systems and task management processes.

Part of your company

We become part of your business. We send emails on your behalf, and you can train your virtual assistant to do anything you need.

It’s secure and confidential

Confidentiality agreement

Our client terms include a comprehensive confidentiality agreement between you and AVirtual.

Robust data security

We have wide-ranging data security practices covering access to email, working files and client data.

Non-disclosure agreement

Each virtual assistant is subject to robust, broad non-disclosure agreements covering everything they do at AVirtual.

Effective office security

The weak link in many organisations’ security is the physical office space – we control the working environment and access to it very carefully.

My most valuable asset is my time and you give me back
30 hours a month. Thank you!

Michael Lutzenkirchen

Managing Director at Whatever Mobile

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