Virtual PA’s for Chiropractors

Seamless Coordination Without A Front Desk.


Have Everything Scheduled And Coordinated For You, Virtually.

  • Hands-on, personalised administrative assistance
  • 30 Day Money-back guarantee & instant cancellation
  • Personal & professional life covered

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What a Virtual PA can do for you

The life of a Chiropractor is a busy one. It’s not the sort of profession where you have time for anything else and that is why an assistant is crucial. You seldom find independent Chiropractors running all aspects of the business by themselves. We understand that there is a lot more to it than undertaking consultations and managing client relationships. Whether you work from home or consult from a free-standing space, a virtual PA can assist with coordinating the day to day operations of a Chiropractic practice.

Free up more of your day to see more patients, maybe even have some time to yourself. With a VA, you’re able to “hire” a full-time assistant without having to worry about getting a bigger space, purchasing stationary or work equipment such as a computer, telephone or internet. All of this is supplied by us and all our assistants work from our office in Cape Town with access to top-level infrastructure. You’ll be able to have non-glitchy skype calls and real-time correspondence whenever you want in order to have your VA stay on top of things every minute of the day. The best part of it is that it works out to be roughly 55% cheaper than hiring an in-house assistant. Avoid all of the hassles of recruitment, HR management, performance management etc. Pay an hourly rate and that’s it!

Invision a life of not having to concern yourself with

  • Document formatting
  • Filing
  • Email correspondence with clients
  • Liaising with and making referrals to doctors or healthcare practitioners
  • Keeping accurate confidential patient records
  • Dealing with the scheduling and cancellation/postponement of appointments
  • Compiling files of patients’ medical history
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payments & refunds
  • Invoicing and follow-ups

These are just a few of the things a Virtual PA can assist with. They can also help you with staying on top of your personal/family life

  • Travel research & scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Managing loyalty cards
  • Researching & planning family holidays
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Finding a babysitter
  • Scheduling meetings

There really is no limit to how a VA can completely streamline your business and assist with the administrative side of your profession in its entirety.

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How to get started with a Virtual Personal Assistant

We have compiled an article that should give you a deeper understanding of what hiring a VA entails as well as more on the services we offer. We also have a free downloadable guide you can get here.

How to Get Started with a virtual PA

It just takes 10 minutes to get started and start handing over tasks to your dedicated PA. Download our guide to Getting Started.