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Virtual PA’s for Property Professionals

Being a property professional in the 21st Century can be tough. Especially as productivity is part of many Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of businesses. Spending a large portion of time managing general management tasks in the office and travelling from listing to listing takes up a lot of time that could be better utilised. In all honesty, these tasks are better suited to personal assistants, leaving you with time to focus on other important duties. Did you know: Hiring an in-house assistant or doing the work yourself is less cost-effective than hiring a virtual personal assistant (PA)? While you’re saddled up with tedious tasks, your competition is out there closing sales.

Hiring a virtual PA can significantly supplement your business operations, improving many aspects of your time management. We’ve put together a few valid reasons how a virtual PA can help you. Let’s take look:

Updating Your Property Listings

As a client in the market for property, it’s rather disappointing to look for something, only to find out that the information advertised is inaccurate. As you receive new information and images on listings, they need to be updated. Your virtual assistant can do this by updating all your existing listings on your website, social media or even in-house database, ensuring that your valued clients are kept up to date with the latest information. Should you need a photographer to take stunning photos of your listing, your assistant can help you find one in the area with suitable rates too.

Following Up with Prospective Clients

Having to follow up with your prospective clients can take time as people are busy throughout the day too. You can assign that responsibility to your virtual PA, ensuring that interested clients who have responded to your adverts are called or emailed timeously. Your assistant can also keep track of your email conversations and file them in a logical order for you to be able to retrieve at a moment’s notice. In addition, your assistant can also manage your diary by setting up viewings, appointments or meetings on your behalf.

Market Research

We’re sure that you understand the importance of having the most up-to-date information and knowledge of all the neighbourhoods that you list properties in. Retrieving this information can take up a lot of time as you need to do market research and trends analysis. Researching competitors and sourcing information can also take time – that’s where your assistant can help by ensuring that your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) are well researched and accurate according to your listings.

Managing of Marketing Assets

Many virtual PAs, like ours here at AVirtual, have a vast network of professionals that they could recommend assisting you in creating fantastic marketing assets for your business. If you require basic design changes or work, our skilled PA’s can even do it themselves. By researching your competitors, they’re able to benchmark your assets against the very best, ensuring that your assets are of the highest quality possible.

Client Services

Managing client relationships is of the utmost importance to any business. They should be your first priority. However, we’re not all great at everything and this is where your personal assistant can help you. Firstly, the majority of assistants are great at managing clients – they’re required to be extensively trained in client services. After all, you are their client too, so they should know a thing or two about client management. These are some of the skills that your assistant can use to help manage your clients:

  • Attentiveness
  • Patience
  • Clear Communication Skills
  • Great Time Management Skills
  • Goal Orientated
  • Willingness to Learn

In times where you’re unable to speak to any clients, your virtual assistant can do this for you through various channels.

Social Media Management

In this day and age, being on social media is a prerequisite for businesses. After all, there are billions of people on social media and this number is increasing rapidly.  So, managing your community on social media should also be a priority. Whether you need tasks to be managed like community management, social media marketing or even content scheduling, you can assign these to your virtual PA to do. Our virtual PAs excel at helping you achieve your objectives.


Many virtual PAs, like ours here at AVirtual, also have expertise in bookkeeping. They have a background in areas like finance administration, payroll, invoicing and debtor collection. So, delegating work should be a breeze. Also, your work will be kept up-to-date leaving you with more time to go out and close those sales!

Creative Writing

Do you need engaging content for blogs, websites, listings or your social media? Why not assign this to your assistant?  Assistants will have the time to do research and content writing for you.  You’re able to approve content that you’re happy within a relatively short amount of time and your assistant will make sure best practices for SEO optimisation are followed, leaving you to sell, sell and sell!

In closing, virtual PAs are known for being jacks-of-all-trades and can contribute a lot to your business. They can also help you with your productivity and organisation skills by freeing up your time to focus on your core business. Still not sure about using virtual assistants? Find out more about our virtual assistants and how they can help you and your business – try out our free consultation. Alternatively, feel free to contact us – we’d be delighted to chat with you.

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