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We make sure your WordPress website works. All the time.

Get unlimited expert WordPress maintenance, development, design, optimisation, WordPress support, and advice. When you join forces with AVirtual you don’t get one webmaster, you get a team of dedicated specialists that ensure your website is working as well as it can be. We keep you safe, fully updated and looking good.

How we can make your life easier

We offer a wide range of services that keep your site
running as well as it can.

Safety & Security

CRM Integration

Hosting Support

Website Management

Website Development

Speed Optimization

Design Refresh

Content Updating

Essential Software Updates

Call To Action Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Dedicated Project Management


I’ve been struggling with my site for years. I know I should be doing updates and I know it’s bad for mobile but I just couldn’t find the time or desire to figure it out. I’ve hired a few freelancers but they’ve always disappeared when bigger projects come up. AVirtual have given me exactly what I need; reliable and office web support. Highly recommended!

Simon Motsen


Want to see what we can do?

Request a free website audit and we’ll show you. The sum of what we do is to improve businesses. We don’t see it as
maintenance. We see our job as directly contributing to the success of your business. We value long term
relationships and love learning about what makes you tick.

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